Reiki Level 3 Master Level 

Dervish Holistic

Saturday 24th July 6:30p.m-9p.m.

Sunday 25th September 9:30a.m.-4:30p.m.



Sliding Scale



Course Agenda 


Landing Meditation & Intentions

Reflection on Reiki One & Two Experience

Tuning into Ourselves, Our Chakras, What has come up for clearing, what is going on at the moment to be aware of for the next 21 days

Revise Knowledge of Reiki 1 & 2

Reiki 3 & Master Level What it entails

Reiki Ideals


Reiki 3 Initiation & Attunement

Reiki Meditation & Activation

Master Symbol


Three Fold Flame in our Heart, Soul Star & IAM Visit

Attunement Process Reiki 1, 2 & 3

Reiki 1 Course Outline

Reiki 2 Course Outline

Reiki 3 Course Outline

21 days Cleansing Cycle

Reiki Ethics

Being a Reiki Master

Client’s History & Record

Teaching Reiki & Classes

Complete Reiki Session, Client History, using previous knowledge, procedure & symbols

Next 21 days

Reiki 3 Universal Empowerment

Closing meditation


What You Receive

Reiki Three Master Level Manual

Reiki Three Master Level Attunements

Reiki Three Master Level Certificate



 Calling In The One

8 Week Course     


-Transform Your Love Life in 8 weeks-


How to release your Hidden Barriers to Love & become Magnetic to your Soulmate


Starting Tuesday 4th October 2016

Dervish Holistic



-Payment plans available-


Limited Places Available


“This is a group that you instantly want to commit to, be present at, engage with, share in, feel that you are part of something very special. It truly turned my wounds into wisdom. It has given me the tools to continue my spiritual journey to be the ''most finest and most delicious human being I can possibly be.'' Adelaide


“I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to connect with yourself and others in a more whole-hearted way. Helen is a wonderful facilitator and holds the space in a most delightful and safe way. I found it to be enriching and deeply healing and supportive.” Irene


“I highly recommend this course and this facilitor” Joanne


Contact Helen 086-8963813 for further details

Seven Sacred Rays


The Mighty Elohim

Dervish Holistic  

 Sunday 30th October 2016



Elohim means "God". The Seven Mighty Elohim carries the highest vibration of light that we, as humans, can comprehend. Within the Seven Rays of The Elohim, You will receive the energetic connection to the vibrational frequencies of the Seven Sacred Rays and The Masters of Light that reside over them.


Through this energetic connection You will gain the spiritual tools from each Master and Ray that can help you with many areas within One’s Spiritual life including Spiritual Protection, Vitality, Faith, Clear Vision, Psychic Awakening, Unification, Peace, and Clear Mindedness. They can be applied very practically to our day to day life.


Together we will enter into meditation, connect with each Sacred Ray and The Masters who hold these flames, receive attunements and initiations as well as learn ways in which we can use them in our daily lives.  We will learn a technique by using these Seven Sacred Rays to help us manifest our Dreams and HeartSong into reality.


The course is accompanied by The Seven Rays of The Elohim Manual.


Helen Sherry 0868963813