Calling In the One

Calling In The One

8 week Course

-Transform Your Love Life in 8 weeks-

7p.m. - 9:30p.m.


 How to release your Hidden Barriers to Love & become Magnetic to your Soul mate

Calling in "The One" prepares you to bring forth the love you seek. Over the 8 weeks. The book by Katherine Woodward Thomas lays out a thoughtful and life affirming plan with one week building upon the revelations of the week before. During our sessions we will explore & share these in addition to other practices I have come to know to help & support this process.

Each week has a theme & within that a daily message and practice to integrate the lesson of that day & week. This maybe a simple mediation, visualization or journaling exercise, which will gently lead you to recognise the obstacles on your path to love and provide awareness and tools clear the way.

I have used this course a number of times and successfully drawn in beautiful relationships, the most precious one is with myself. I look forward to facilitating and sharing the knowledge I have accumulated on my own journey, which has brought me deeper into love. 

 "This is a group that you instantly : want to commit to, be present at, engage with, share in, feel that you are part of something very special. It truly turned my wounds into wisdom. It has given me the tools to continue my spiritual journey to be the ''most finest and most delicious human being I can possibly be.'' Adelaide 

“I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to connect with yourself and others in a more whole-hearted way. Helen is a wonderful facilitator and holds the space in a most delightful and safe way. I found it to be enriching and deeply healing and supportive.” Irene

"I found the course excellent. Helen was a great facilitator and created a safe supportive environment which made sharing very personal feelings easy. The support and wisdom and insights from the other members of the group was also very beneficial. I would highly recommend the course." Andria

I was perusing around Dervish one Sunday afternoon and the poster calling in the one caught my eye.  I was in a good place at the time but deep down I had to face my issues around commitment to myself mainly and lack of love for self and yes I had some work to do but it has been worth it. So I look back now with gratitude that I completed the course and the journey it took me upon.  Helen lovingly puts so much effort and care into each week and makes it look effortless, thank you. Mel