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Rose Quartz & Calling In The One

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.”
- Marianne Williamson-


The Crystal Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is composed of silica with an exquisite pink colour. The pink colouring comes from traces of manganese. The crystal is known as the “Love Stone”, which unlocks the heart chakra to various forms of love. This expression and impression of love manifests as self-love, love for others and intimate romantic love. The high and pure energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love virtually in any situation.


This gemstone supports the embodiment of forgiveness, gentleness, kindness and tolerance. It generates a heightened sense of self-worth, elevates self-esteem and the feeling of being enough. Rose quartz develops inner awareness of childhood wounds and merges them with peace and calmness.


The Remedy Rose Quartz



      Affinity with the Heart Chakra, opening it to heal unresolved emotional trauma


      History of sexual abuse, particularly by the Father


      Lack of energy

      Brings syphilic miasm and miasmatic blocks to the surface



“Rose Quartz has been described as a creator of balance between yin and yang and a tuner of the chakras. It affords one space and time for reflection and allows for greater awareness and appreciation for the fine arts when they are need to encourage relaxation and healing. It has been called the “stone of gentle love” and it has been used to pour soothing oil on the troubled waters of a relationship in difficulties. Though the crystal is cold to touch, it warms when held. “Colin Griffith, The New Matria Medica


General Symptoms

Inability to commit & complete things; Poor circulation; Hypertension; Blood purifier & enhances immune system; discharges dark green; Leukaemia; MS; ME; It complements and deepens the effects of other remedies especially associated with the heart; cleanses; clears radiation & vaccination damage; throbbing sensations; better for sun, company, and movement; worse for catching colds, routines and making important decisions.


Mental and Emotional Symptoms

A remedy for a troubled soul; lack of joy & humour; inability to make meaningful connections with others; sense of aloneness, isolation and abandonment; they cannot penetrate their own walls of resentment; suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse; sense of loss and separation; Suicidal thoughts; fear of getting old; becomes emotionally overwhelmed easily; obsessive thinking; Inability to forgive; cruelty; inability to trust others; lack of concentration; anxiety, feeling not good enough; Panic feeling; tiredness.


Physical Symptoms

Affects left brain; crushing headache; heavy sensation in head; sensitive on all levels; constipation; helps eliminate toxins from digestive system; restlessness; powerful healer of skin complaints; dryness of skin but no itching; Alzheimer’s; wants to sleep up to 12 hours at a time; impotence and frigidity; clumsiness; slow and difficult breathing; pains of angina; sensation of choking in the throat.



Colin Griffith “The New Matria Medica”

Madeline Evans “Meditative Provings, Volume 1”  


 Rose Quartz

Of all the different types of Quartz

This is the most special of sorts

Of all the sorts this sits high above

Rose Quartz is for love


So when your eyes affix their gaze

And alas they begin to glaze

So in the future you may see all

Look deeply in your crystal ball


Our two hearts together do share

And our souls will never part

The path to you has been hard and long

But it makes my love just so strong


When you are feeling fazed

And you cannot see through the haze

Your heart can fly just like a dove

And all you see is surrounded by love


By John



A Personal Journey with Rose Quartz

My heart was protected. I did not make it fully available to anyone, not even myself. There were chambers of hurt, pain and fear locked away in its depths and folds. This was mirrored in all my relationships. My external world was letting me know very clearly that my internal relationship with myself was reflected back to me in every relationship I was having, and this was accentuated in my intimate relationships with men. They were not available either.


Intimate relationships showed to me that I didn’t feel enough or loveable and the archetype of the victim and wounded child was very much at play. Disappointed and unrequited love either from me or from another showed me my deep wounds of rejection and abandonment. While short term relationships taught me that separation keeps me feeling safe and my commitment to love was unfocused and unreliable.


Bringing this all into awareness, seeing myself, hearing myself just as I was meant I needed to heal my relationship with myself. I needed to fall madly in love with me and come into a place of love, respect and adoration of who I genuinely and authentically was. I had a deep desire to connect fully with my heart and delve deep into the parts of me that were not being made available. I declared to the Universe this desire “Higher power I know fear really well, I am well acquainted with fear, please teach me of love, a love without conditions, the love I already am”. From this moment, my life dramatically changed. I called on help from the invisible and the visible to bring my heart & relationships into their full love, power and wisdom.


One of my catalysts of alchemy from fear to love was the remedy Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz has a strong affinity with matters of the heart. It is a heart opener. It directs pure love to the cysts of emotional trauma in the heart, bringing them to the surface and allowing them to been seen and embraced. Rose Quartz aids the heart’s expression of love from a place of transparency and truth. It is also an amazing remedy to assist a person to live more from their heart, which allows the person to have a more positive outlook mentally. Rose Quartz unprotects the protected, makes available the unavailable, accepts the rejected, loves the abandoned and connects the separated parts of our hearts. This subtle yet deep healing remedy ripples out to all relationships, particularly our intimate interactions.


I kept asking the question, “How can I love myself more? How can I fall more madly in love with myself?” as I had a profound and meaningful desire to meet my equal in this lifetime and have a conscious growing relationship. I knew I needed to keep attending to my relationship with myself and after a synchronistic meeting with a friend I was led to the course “Calling In the One”. This course uses mediations, exercises and shared experiences from the Author Katherine Woodward to expose the hidden barriers to love within us over the course of seven weeks. This course as well as the relationship books by Harville Hendricks and many others brought me to a place of embodying love, of becoming love, the love I naturally am at my core. Rose quartz brought this love to a vibrational and cellular level within my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


The tool, among many, I continue to use is looking in the mirror and declaring my love for myself eye to eye; soul to soul; heart to heart. This can be a difficult and a gradual journey but a powerful way for all to truly connect with ourselves and tend to who we are and where we are in any given moment.


The transformations that have taken place within me over many years are fruited in the abundance of love I experience in my life, in family, friends and also my intimate relationship with my equal. It is wonderful to share this experience not only with homeopathic clients but also by holding Calling In the One courses, for people who have a deep desire to connect with the Beloved within and without them.

Acoustic Poem

-Rose Quartz-


Responsible & clear boundaries

Opens the heart chakra

Stone of gentle love & fertility

Energies of male and female brought into balance


Qualities of honesty, truth and creativity

Understanding, compassionate, loving

Allow people to make up their minds

Resembles Nat Mur

The feeling of not being good enough

Zeal for life, improves vitality



Calling In the One Course & Book

“There is a huge chasm between wanting to find your ideal partner and being truly available for that partner when he or she appears. This course is about bridging that chasm. It shows you how to set a strong intention to love and be loved, then outlines in clear, specific steps what you can do to make your intention become a reality”

Katherine Woodward Thomas

This book fills your toolbox of life with instruments to transform your life from the inside out. It asserts that life is a creative process and we are the artist. We are invited to give up the idea of ourselves as victims and open up to the real possibility of love fulfilled, whether that be with an intimate partner or more so with the Beloved One within you. It allows us to take full responsibility of our lives and uses the powerful force of intention to direct energy and attention to what it is we wish to create in our lives. It merges this with the grand plan of the universe and this sets in motion many synchronicities as Source makes itself visible. It reveals that our relationships are mirroring back to us our internal issues with ourselves. When we alter our relationship with ourselves, our external world will alter accordingly. This is a deeply transformative course and within it lies infinite possibilities. The book can be read on a personal basis yet its experience is amplified in a group setting, as the intimate sharing can heal tremendously. 


“We are all born to love; it is the principle of existence, and its only end”

-Benjamin Disraeli-


Helen Sherry is a graduate for the Irish School of Homeopathy in Dublin. She practices Dervish Homeopathy Co-op Walk In Clinic & Dundalk. She facilitates Calling In the One Courses in Dervish Holistic.